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Bone Grafting
Colorado Springs, CO

Dentist reviewing x-rays for bone grafting at Todd Rogers Dental in Colorado Springs, COA bone graft procedure is a simple in-office treatment performed to bulk up the bone where damage or atrophy has occurred. Though the terminology sounds extreme, a bone graft is performed in less than an hour with minimal discomfort. In most cases, a bone graft is performed before other dental treatment, including the placement of a dental implant. Our staff at Todd Rogers Dental will evaluate the density of your bone and walk you through the procedure before treatment; there are varying bone graft options that we can review with you before the work is performed.

A bone graft is done to induce the growth of new bone. A patient may have experienced bone loss following trauma, disease or atrophy. As part of the restoration or reconstruction process, we may need to bulk up and strengthen the supporting bone.

Causes of Bone Loss


Trauma, which includes fracture or a tooth that has been knocked out known as avulsion, can occur in a variety of ways. It may be due to a fall, a sports-related injury, a vehicle accident or more. Any impact or jarring of the face.


Gum disease, known as periodontal disease, can lead to a lot of soft and hard tissue damage. Gum disease is a bacterial infection; it eats away at the gum tissue and eventually reaches bone tissue. Patients who suffer from chronic periodontal disease will find that their teeth can loosen, shift in their mouth and eventually experience tooth loss due to severely damaged gums and bone.


Our bone is constantly rebuilding if it is actively used. When a portion of bone is not being used, the bone naturally pulls resources back from that area and redirects its energy. This can be seen when a patient has a cast removed from an arm or leg; the appendage is visibly reduced in size. The same occurs when we lose a tooth. Following the loss of a tooth, the patient experiences an immediate loss of bone mass in that area. This may not be noticeable to the patient with the loss of one tooth but can alter the shape of their facial structure with the loss of multiple teeth.

Bone Graft Procedure

The bone graft procedure is performed in our office, often with just a local anesthetic, though there are other anesthetic options such as nitrous oxide and other conscious sedatives available. Once the patient is comfortable, we open the tissue to expose the bone, create a space for the bone material and then close the area with sutures. Bone material comes in a variety of forms; we can use the patient’s bone material from another location, often the chin, or we can also use donated bone or synthetic bone. Each option comes with benefits; we can discuss the benefits specific to your needs.

The sutured gum tissue will heal quickly, within days. The growth of new bone will take more time, often for several months. We will check the progress after some time and schedule the next phase of your restoration treatment when sufficient bone is present.

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