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Dental Implants - Our Patients' Testimonies

Mary A.

Mary is excited about her new dental implants.I have had false teeth since I was 16 years old. I don't know anything else but false teeth. I have only the bottom implants, but I have been tickled to death with them. I remember my dad peeling lots of apples for us kids to eat, but today, just to be able to bite into an apple once again is such a wonderful treat.. I love them and would like you to know, Dr. Rogers, that you did such a kind, gentle job. Thanks so much.

Karla W.

Karla is happy with her new implants from Todd Rogers Dental.I must say that the implant you did for me is by far the best tooth in my mouth. The implant took the place of such a bothersome tooth, and now I can feel so secure and relieved. It has never caused me an ounce of trouble. I apologize for falling asleep every time I am in your dental chair. But I am always so relaxed, because I know there will be no pain.

Years ago when I became your patient, I knew that I had the very best dentist in the field. I do not mind at all that I much travel for about 8 hours to get to your office. It is really a blessing.

Harold Kutchma

Dr. Rogers was able to help Harold and provide new dental implants.My physician recommended me to Dr. Rogers. Because I couldn't chew properly with my old dentures, I was swallowing everything whole, causing severe life-threatening digestive problems. With my new implant supported dentures on the top and bottom, I can chew all the foods I love, especially steak, and my stomach and digestive problems have been eliminated. IMPLANTS SAVED MY LIFE!!

Howard Gosnell

Howard's life has improved tremendously thanks to his implants from Todd Rogers Dental.Dental Implants have been life changing for me. I can eat solid foods again (YEA), speak with complete confidence, and my wife says that I always have a big smile on my face now. Why Did I Wait So Long!!!!
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